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                 PHONE:(0755) 3393 8689
                 FAX:(0755) 3393 8690
                Two-sided imaging line

                Two-sided imaging line Process:
                Feeding→Development→Secondary development→Washing cycle→Washing cycle→Washing cycle→City washed→Dry→Cold dry→Hot air drying→Discharge

                The main technical parameters:
                Transmission speed: 1.0 ~ 6.0m/min (stepless adjustable)
                Production board size: 610 × 610mm (maximum plate) 150 × 100mm (minimum panel)
                Production Thickness: 0.2 ~ 3.2mm
                Conveyor Width: 700mm (effective width 640mm)
                Line film reel specifications: ?43mm
                Line reel wheelbase: 50mm
                Water consumption: 8 ~ 12L/min
                Power consumption: 22KW / H
                Control system: PLC programmable controller and man-machine interface

                Equipment Features:
                (1) fan-shaped jet nozzle using quick-release type, maximum nozzle to facilitate routine maintenance and staggered, effectively cleaning the surface of each board position
                (2) developing the structure using the latest design of the swing, swing stability, spray evenly
                (3) developing swing plate spray nozzles are staggered to ensure that the development of high-speed and high precision
                (4) developing multi-sealed windows and tank pressure point design, develop solutions and effectively prevent the leakage of gas
                (5) develop special swing suspension frame and easy to clean removable nozzle customers
                (6) developing cylinder is equipped with multiple filters and defoaming device. Can prevent the film .. slag into the sprinkler system to ensure that the net effect does not eliminate the Etching Quality